Re: Negative slide has specific staining

From:Greg Dobbin

Hi Jennifer,
What about a mix up prior to cutting? As in mislabelled fixation jars, 
or a mix up when trimming. Sounds like a mix up to me!?

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> Hi everyone
> I have a strange problem here.
> I'm doing some IHC for protein carbonyls on mouse lungs exposed to cigarette
> smoke.
> I'm blocking with goat serum.
> My primary antibody is Rabbit Anti-DNP
> My negative control is a slide that gets rabbit IgG instead of the primary.
> My secondary in biotinylated Goat Anti-Rabbit.
> Okay, my problem is that the ONLY slide that shows any of what appears to be
> specific staining (type 2 cells) is the negative slide (IgG instead of
> antibody).
> I've rerun it with the same results, so it's not that I got the slides mixed
> up.
> Any ideas?
> Thanks
> Jennifer

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