Re: Negative slide has specific staining - me too!!


Dear All,
please could you also forward any replies on this subject to me too 
as I have  a very similar problem with non-immune rabbit IgG.

I do get a result with my primary antibody, but get the same with the 
non-imm IgG. I reduced my primary anitbody conc, and the non-immune 
conc to the same protein concentration as my primary. The staining 
disappears on the primary ab slides than on the control ones.!


Sophie Malpass
PhD student
University of Birmingham

"Berger, Jennifer" 

>Hi everyone
>I have a strange problem here.
>I'm doing some IHC for protein carbonyls on mouse lungs exposed to cigarette
>I'm blocking with goat serum.
>My primary antibody is Rabbit Anti-DNP
>My negative control is a slide that gets rabbit IgG instead of the primary.
>My secondary in biotinylated Goat Anti-Rabbit.
>Okay, my problem is that the ONLY slide that shows any of what appears to be
>specific staining (type 2 cells) is the negative slide (IgG instead of
>I've rerun it with the same results, so it's not that I got the slides mixed
>Any ideas?


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