Re: NSH meeting

From:Abizar Lakdawalla

Agree with Bernice, Thom Jensen gave an amazing presentation on tissue arrays
at the NSH. The amount of support material that he had prepared as well as a
very professional video production showing excatly how to prepare a tissue
array totally blew me away!
This was my first NSH national meeting (got called in to replace someone else
who could not make it) and I was pleasantly surprised at what a friendly and
informative meeting it was (compared to some of the other national conferences
that I have attended). It was fun matching faces with names that I knew and
meeting the rest of the vendor community.
Kudos to the organizers,


"Instrumedics, Inc." wrote:

> I want to thank all of you who visited our booth at the NSH meeting. We
> enjoyed demonstrating the CryoJane Tape-Transfer and Cryo-Vac-Away systems
> for you and to see how they both intrigued you.
> I attended a very the fine workshop on Tissue Microarrays. I was pleased to
> hear the Paraffin Tape-Transfer system recommended as a way to insure that
> an array is captured on a slide. If anyone needs information on how to
> maximize the success rate using the PSA system please contact us.
> Bernice

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