Re: Kappa and Lambda


if you are staining human tissue, which i assume you are, on thing you can do is
put human serum in your protein block.  i use 10%human serum in with the serum
from the host of the secondary and block with this for 20 before the primary
antibody and then again for 5 min. before the secondary, you can also put this
in with your secondary antibody.
patsy ruegg

"Smith, Sherry A. (Histology)" wrote:

> Help!!  I am having a problem with background staining with Kappa and
> Lambda.  I know what the problem is but do not know how to solve it.  I am
> told that it is a IgG problem but how do you block out the background??  Our
> current method is as follows:  We use Cell Marque (monoclone) antibody.  No
> heat retrieval.  We use Protease II for 8min. and incubate for 32min.  It
> looks great except for the background staining.  Does anyone have any
> suggestions???????
> Sherry Smith
> Presbyterian Hospital
> Charlotte, NC
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