Re: KI-67 in mice

From:"L. Muffley"

Regarding ki67 in Mice-
two proliferating cell markers you want to keep your eye out for
are TEC-3 and MIB-5.

I talked with Dr. Scholzen (author of paper below)
and he says that the rights of TEC-3 and MIB-5 (generated by his group)
are owned by DAKO.
The DAKO rep I spoke with says that MIB-5 should be available in November.

Some great refs for you regarding ki67/prolf markers in mice are:

American Journal of Pathology vol 158, no 6. June 2001
"Immunohistochemical Detection of Cell Growth Fraction in Formalin-Fixed
and Paraffin-Embedded Murine tissue" Birner et al.

Journal of Cellular Physiology 182:311-322 (2000)
"The ki67 Protein: From the Known and the Unknown"
Scholzen and Gerdes

i have tried both Novocastra rabbit anti-human  polyclonal ki67
and Abcam sheep anti-human polyclonal ki67
on my formalin fixed paraffin embedded mouse tissue (unmasked with Vector
unmasking soln).
The Novocastra gave me patchy stain with high background
and the Abcam fails to give me any result.

The articles above were very helpful to me after my failed attempts.
They give me some hope for a better marker.
So for now I'm just waiting for DAKO.

				Lara Muffley
				Electron Microscopy Technician 2
                                Dermatology Dept
                                University of Washington
                                Seattle, WA

On Fri, 12 Oct 2001, Patricia Bourne wrote:

> Does anyone know of an antibody for Ki-67 that works
> in mice?  Thanks for your help.
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