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From:Lee & Peggy Wenk

For more information on salaries, go to the ASCP Board of Registry
web page:
Click on the 2000 Salary survey (published in March 2001, but
statistics gathered August-Oct. 2000, so the info is already 1 year old.)

HT - high school through associate degree
Average range of all locations = $12.00 - 17.30
Average range of Far West = $13.30 - 19.20

HTL - 4 year baccalaureate degree
Average range of all locations = $13.90 - 19.90
Average range of Far West = $14.50 - $20.50

Far West is defined as Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado,
Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon,
Utah, Washington, Wyoming.

So adjust wages according to the cost of living and wages
of other jobs in your area, compared to COL and wages
in other states. (For example, my part of Michigan pays techs
about $2.00 per hour higher than what is listed as the average
range for East North Central region.)

So I would say you are definitely on the too low side. Plus,
many hospitals are offering histotechs sign-on bonuses and
moving expenses.

If your pathologist doesn't believe you as to the wages and
the shortages, have him/her read the ASCP "Laboratory Medicine"
article in the web site above, as well as the September 2001 issue
of "CAP Today", about histology labs backs being against the

(Plus, tell them that a hospital lab (not in Michigan) just contacted
my school (in Michigan), and are offering my students a $5000
sign-on bonus and moving expenses, if they sign an agreement
to come work at that location for 2 years. And the place is willing
to wait until my students graduate, which is 6 months away. And
these are students with NO "real life" experience in a lab, just
my program's training and the experience (good!) that we give
them in our hospital.)

Good luck.

Peggy A. Wenk, HTL(ASCP)SLS
William Beaumont Hospital
Royal Oak, MI 48073

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> October 8th, 2001
> Posting this for a friend.
> Job Opening:
> UCI Medical Center
> Orange, CA
> (714) 456-6141-Dave Reidy
> Hospital Lab Technician I
> Surgical Pathology
> MH40601D
> Salary Starting Between $11.30-$13.60 per hour
> DUTIES: Performs a limited-variety of routine technical procedures to
> physicians and other healthcare personnel in the diagnosis, delivery and
> monitoring of of patient care. SAMPLE DUTIES INCLUDE: Processing surgical
> specimens, staining H & E's and frozen sections, coverslipping, label
> slides, preparing solutions for kits, fixatives, stains and buffers,
> laboratory clean-up, maintaining equipment.  Provides administrative
> to the department including record management, filing and distribution of
> materials.
> REQUIREMENTS: Graduation for college with a major in an app;icable natural
> science: or two years of applicable college courses plus two years of
> applicable esperience: or and equivalent combination of education and
> experience: and the knowledge and ability essential to the successful
> performance of the duties assigned to the position.
> DESIRABLE: Knowledge of medical computer software: skill to coverslip and
> label slides accurately: application of basic histologic stains; knowledge
> of tissue processors.

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