From:Amos Brooks

    DACCA has a new version of their handbook. It is very easy to understand
and fairly short. Theory and troubleshooting are also both covered. I highly
recommend it as a "gettin yer feet wet" book.
    If you know anyone in other labs that would be willing to part with
expired reagents, you could get the basics down without spending an arm and
a leg on trial runs. Most commercial IHC kits are very easy to use. Everyone
has a favorite that they swear by. Call a few sales reps and see what works
for you. They should be able to provide you with anything you need in
directions and documentation to start up.
Amos Brooks

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> To HistoNetters,
> Our new Chief of Pathology would like us to do a few immunos.  We are not
> set up to do any.  Is there a cheap way to do immunos?  We don't want to
> purchase a Ventanna or anything fancy.  Our workload is small and he only
> wants the basics (i.e., S100, CK, ER/PR).  Any suggestions on how to get
> this up and running will be greatly appreciated.  Also if there are any
> reference books for IHC.  Thanks in advance,
> Genie K. Ryan,
> Histology Supervisor
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