Re: Giemsa/HELP !!

Bruce Abaloz at the University of Melbourne, Australia asks:

>>after a stain for red/white blood cells on paraffin sections (Giemsa OR??)<<

Pathologists now pretty much rely on H & E in this situation. Effective 
Giemsa staining of hematopoietic tissue really requires Zenker (chrome and 
mercury) fixation which hardly anyone does any more. A special modification 
of the Giemsa stain is also needed, sometimes with multiple dye baths and 
differentiation (under microscopic control) with 10% colophonium rosin 
(abietic acid) in alcohol. - I haven't seen this done (or done it myself) 
since I was a resident in the late 60's.

Bob Richmond
Samurai Pathologist
Knoxville TN

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