Re: DAKO's Envision

From:Kim Carter

  I have been using DAKO's Envision + system for close to a year. I work in
a research lab, so I have the time to work on converting my protocols. I was
using BioGenex or Vector kits before. I always do  parallel testing before I
change over to the Envision +. I have changed over all the antibodies I use,
not just the ones high in endogenous biotin. The reason is the Envision + is
simple and straight forward to use. Also you can dilute out your antibodies
5-10X higher than with other kits. And I now have no overnight incubations
on antibodies. I find I save time and money when using the Envision +. And
every antibody I have used looks cleaner and very little, if any, 
background staining. I do both animal( rat and mouse) and human studies. I
hope this helps.

Kim Carter
OSU Medical Center
Comprehensive Cancer Center
Columbus Ohio
>From: Marsha R Price 
>Subject: Re: DAKO's Envision
>Date: Fri, Oct 5, 2001, 8:03 PM

>I would like to hear from those that are using DAKO's Envision system. 
>Is anyone using it for all their IHC's or just the tissues that are high
>in Endogenous Biotin?
>Thank you in advance,
>Marsha Price
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