If you go onto and select their Immunostaining Systems (right hand side of page) you can look at their CSA system. In the pdf file (see bottom of CSA system page), which you can download, there is a list of 14 references on the last page dealing with CSA and its advantages and disadvantages.
If you are also looking for references for the Tyramide Signal Amplification technique, you can view a wonderful kit (as I am currently using it) protocol on If you search for Tyramide Signal Amplification Kits you will be provided with both information (in html and pdf format) along with an optional Bibliography of TSA references. Or search for product T-20929 (one of 30 different kits) for its respective pdf file and subsequent reference list at the end of the kit protocol.
The references for Bobrow are listed in the Dako pdf file.
I hope this helps.

Tim Plummer wrote:
Search references for:

Tyramide signal amplification
Catalyzed reporter deposition

and/or Authors:
for early references

--- Amos Brooks <> wrote:
A pathologist asked me today if I could locate
some references for CSA
(catalyzed signal amplification). If anyone can
point me in the right
direction I'd appreciate it. (BTW Pubmed was not
very helpful).
I'd also like to point out some of the
difficulties with the system. I
have only done it once, so I couldn't say exactly
what the inherent pitfalls
might be. He should know the good with the bad.
Amos Brooks

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