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The CSA terminology refers to tyramide amplification, DAKO has the CSA.
There are many publications in Journal of Histochemistry and Cytochemistry
on tyramide amplification methods, excellent reading.  Go back into
Archives, it was discussed at great lengths some time back.  If I recall,
Dupont/NEN has sold their technology to Biogenex, and possibly Ventana, and
certainly Molecular Probes, beisde CSA with DAKO.  I would contact DAKO
about this.    

Barb Wright, at Genetech, is a wizard with this method, and it works very
well once you get it up and running.  Her results are outstanding.  She is
out right now, just sent a message saying she was out of office for a short

 At 07:40 PM 10/10/01 -0400, you wrote:
>    A pathologist asked me today if I could locate some references for CSA
>(catalyzed signal amplification). If anyone can point me in the right
>direction I'd appreciate it. (BTW Pubmed was not very helpful).
>    I'd also like to point out some of the difficulties with the system. I
>have only done it once, so I couldn't say exactly what the inherent pitfalls
>might be. He should know the good with the bad.
>Amos Brooks
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