Re: CK 20

From:Tara Miller

We are using DAKO for our CK20 at a 1:50 dilution at 32 min. and a 
pretreatment of protease 1 for 4 min on our Ventana ES. We do our CK20 
ususally in tandom with CK7 - so our control blocks have both colon and lung 
in them. We just started doing both of these stains a few weeks ago and both 
stains are coming out beautifully.

Tara Oakes, HT

>From: "LaFriniere, Mike" 
>To: "''" 
>Subject: CK 20
>Date: Thu, 04 Oct 2001 10:22:45 -0400
>I have noticed lately  CK 20 antibody, from both Cell Mark and Dako has
>demonstrated some difficulties with staining intensities, with or without
>retrieval. I am going to try Novacastra next. We perform over 100 different
>immunohistochemisty test daily on the Ventana ES and Nexus. Any input with
>your experience with this antibody would be greatly appreciated.
>Michael LaFriniere PA, HT(ASCP)
>Pathology Manager
>Memorial Hospital

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