Re: CD34


yes, we had this problem with cd34 staining more than endothelial cells,
we switched to cd31 for more specific staining of just endothelial
cells, see my poster on this subject at:
patsy ruegg

Karen M Majahad wrote:

> I was wondereing if anyone has used the Novo castra CD34
> antibody. I recently tryed the antibody at a 1:25 dilution
> with a trypsin digestion and did achieve a strong staining
> of vessels. When I tryed the same dilution of the antibody
> 1:25 and used a Citrate solution in a steamer for antigen
> unmasking I achieved a good stain for the endothelial cells
> but it appears as though some of my human fibroblast may
> also be staining. Has anyone had a problem with CD34
> staining their  human fibroblast?

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