Re: Bone vs Collagen stain


We use a simple Azure B stain for this.
0.2% Azure ph 1 for cartilage
0.2% Azure ph 4 for bone and cartilage
0.2% Azure ph 7 for bone, cartilage, collagen, everything
This is a metacromatic stain and will stain the different components different colors (pink to blue)
Deparaffinze to water
stain sections in azure for 5 min.
rinse in deionized running water till clear
air dry (dehydrating thru alcohols and xylene will remove the stain)
coverslipp in permount

Patsy Ruegg wrote:

Hi All,

I am working with collagen matrix implants that are generating some localized bone formation adjacent to the implant site, and am looking for a biological stain that will differentiate nicely, the bone from the implant.  The samples are fixed in formalin, decalcified (sodium citrate - formic acid), and processed into paraffin blocks.  I have tried Masson's Trichrome which stains the implant as well as the collagen content of the bone the same color.  Standard H&E clearly shows the different morphology, however it would be nice to stain the two components with different colors.

Any ideas?

Tom Crowell
Biogen, Inc.
Cambridge, MA

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