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In the past when I did this (as a diener, not a PA) I charged $2.50 hr call
pay (48hr for normal weekend/72hr for 3 day) and $100 flat rate per autopsy.
I normally can do a full autopsy with cleanup in 2-3 hours so this worked
out great.  Don't let them stiff you with a reduced rate for limited
autopsies.  I would get the call pay or autopsy pay which ever was greater.
I hope this helps.  For reference I did those cases in Dayton, Ohio.  The
cost of living should be close to that of Augusta.

Charles R. Embrey Jr., PA(AAPA), HT(ASCP)
Histology Supervisor
Carle Clinic
Urbana, IL

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Subject: weeekend work

I need help!!!!!
I have been asked to work weekends for the pathology dept in our hospital
for autopsies. I have over 20 years experience. they want to pay me on a per
case basis along with call time. my question is what is the going rate for
this. When i worked it was hourly so I have no idea what to charge. Cna you
Thanks a lot

Mike DeLorenzo
Mohs Surgery Tech
Medical College of Georgia
Augusta, Georgia  

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