RE: slide drying in microwave

From:"Cowan, Judy"

We use the microwave everyday and love it.  We have just learned to adjust
the time so that we don't burn or boil our slides.  The pathologist like it
because we get our slides our much faster.
Judy Cowan HT
Joplin, Mo.

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> I have worked at places before that dried slides in the microwave.  In my
> own lab I will not.  The microwave tends to overheat during this process
> and
> I saw several burn up.  I was always afraid of fire.  Drying slides in the
> microwave also creates interesting artifacts when the water boils under
> the
> tissue.  I just don't like it.  I am sure however that others do and will
> probably beat me up over my stand but it's just my personal preference and
> experienced opinion.
> No daggers please......
> Charles R. Embrey Jr., PA(AAPA), HT(ASCP)
> Histology Supervisor
> Carle Clinic
> Urbana, IL
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> Subject: slide drying in microwave
> Dear Histonetters,
>     Do any of you dry your slides using a microwave. If so what is your
> procedure? Thanks in advance.
> Lynn McKee
> University of Cincinnati

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