RE: Surgical blades that can be recapped

From:"Gladney, Diane C"


The disposable safety blades were at the Fisher Booth. They are in their
catalog, but are rather expensive. I use a pair of forceps to remove the
blades from the handles. I know that this is not optimal, but I haven't
found another way to remove them. It seems that every time you turn around,
they are regulating something else that seems to go to the extreme
sometimes. Just like the time that our fire marshal told me that I couldn't
have alcohols and xylenes in my tissue processor because it has a source for
heat!!!! I thought that I would die laughing over that one. Of course, these
people don't know the nature of our work or our equipment. I'll be watching
the histonet for other comments on this one. 

Have a great day,

Diane C. Gladney, HT(ASCP)
Moncrief Army Community Hospital
Dept. of Pathology, Histology Section
Ft. Jackson, SC 29207-5600

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From: Jennifer Englin []
Sent: Wednesday, October 03, 2001 12:57 PM
Subject: Surgical blades that can be recapped

Our safety officer came around today with the new osha regs about recapping
I wonder if anyone (including vendors) has anything that can remove blades
preferably 60's and 70's from handles.

I know about the one mopec has out there, but doesn't fit our blades or

The other option is to get the disposable safety blades.  I know a vendor
had them at the NSH convention  but I can't remember which one.

Any suggestions  will be helpful.

Jennifer Englin HT(ASCP),PA
Rice Memorial Hospital
Willmar, MN 

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