RE: OT:watch your language folks!

From:"Dawson, Glen"

Yah Know Something Histonet,

Maybe those people like Kiernan & Oppenheimer & Hoffpa are correct when they
infer that histotechs are exceptionally dull.  It's obvious that you have no
idea who your friends or who your enemies are.  I'm sick to death of
defending histology only to be jumped upon by ironic is

Anyhooo, fare-thee well out there in histo-land and don't take no garbage
from anyone.  Maybe I'll be back someday when I think this forum won't raise
my blood-pressure so much.


Glen Dawson   BS, HT & IHC (ASCP)
Lead IHC Technologist
Milwaukee, WI

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Hey Dawson

Ease up!

John Carroll Dennis
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On Tue, 9 Oct 2001, Dawson, Glen wrote:

> Hey Kiernan,
> With the way you preach about Off Topic discussion in this forum, you
> never, ever partake in it yourself.  Isn't this beneath you?
> Glen
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> > It is interesting to note that the same word can have different
> > meanings (and connotations) depending ...
> Yes indeed. Is your name really Lousie, as in
> "Renton, Lousie, Mrs" <> ?

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