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Good luck finding someone these days, with college, for that salary.
Charles R. Embrey Jr., PA(AAPA), HT(ASCP)
Histology Supervisor
Carle Clinic
Urbana, IL

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October 8th, 2001
Posting this for a friend.
Job Opening:
UCI Medical Center
Orange, CA
(714) 456-6141-Dave Reidy
Hospital Lab Technician I
Surgical Pathology
Salary Starting Between $11.30-$13.60 per hour
DUTIES: Performs a limited-variety of routine technical procedures to assist
physicians and other healthcare personnel in the diagnosis, delivery and
monitoring of of patient care. SAMPLE DUTIES INCLUDE: Processing surgical
specimens, staining H & E's and frozen sections, coverslipping, label
slides, preparing solutions for kits, fixatives, stains and buffers,
laboratory clean-up, maintaining equipment.  Provides administrative support
to the department including record management, filing and distribution of
REQUIREMENTS: Graduation for college with a major in an app;icable natural
science: or two years of applicable college courses plus two years of
applicable esperience: or and equivalent combination of education and
experience: and the knowledge and ability essential to the successful
performance of the duties assigned to the position.
DESIRABLE: Knowledge of medical computer software: skill to coverslip and
label slides accurately: application of basic histologic stains; knowledge
of tissue processors.

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