From:David Taylor Manager

Dear Genie, What is cheap? We use the DAKO EnVision with N-series
prediluted Ab's with very good/ consistent result. We don't have a very
extensive panel, (about 18 Ab's). We run them alongside our routine
specials and try to perform them same day as request, (run time of 1.5-2
hours). Good controls are very important, along with QAP issues. A PAP
pen saves time and money.  We don't have any Ab's requiring HIER. We do
use DAKO Pro-K for pre-treatment of LMWCK & HMWCK as per manufacturers
instructions. We refer ER/PR, lymphoma panels etc off to a local
hospital/lab for their expertise and pay them for it. With IHC you will
need friends, both vendors and colleagues. Try to spend some time at a
lab nearby who have a system up and running as well as getting hold of
some text book/s. David.

David Taylor
Laboratory Manager
Drs King & Mower
Adelaide, Australia

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