RE: Fites control

From:"Nader, Alexander"

> The topic of ground-nuts has surfaced before, at which time I 
> discovered that the US members didn't generally know that 
> there were a variety of different names for ground-nuts, of 
> which peanuts is the most common.
> Peanut oil is readily available in supermarkets here, and 
> likely other Euro countries.

Thank You, I missed that thread! Actually, I didn't know the
ground-nut/peanut similarities. Peanut-oil IS available also here, but
sunflower oil is 2-3 times cheaper...
> I note that "Annie in Africa", home of ground-nuts, uses 
> sunflower oil with good results. This does not surprise me. I 
> guess the purpose of the oil (any oil) is to ameliorate the 
> dewaxing effect of xylene.
So why not reducing the time of the dewaxing process?


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