RE: Fites control

From:"Nader, Alexander"

> bacilli. Given 
> that one armadillo with such tzuriss could supply the world's 
> histologists 
> till kingdom come, I would suppose that this would be the way 
> to go to get 
> control tissue. Anybody on Histonet know?

We use a lymph-node with M. avium intercellulare as control. 

Two questions about Fite's (actually we perform Wade's) stain:

1. what kind of mycobacteria are only Wade/Fite positive and Ziehl-Neelsen
negative or do atypical mycobacteria (like M.murinum) stain also with an
ordinary Ziehl-Neelsen? I'm not aware of any article regarding this topic.

2. as it's not easy to find groundnut-oil (at least here in Europe), is it
possible to use other "brands" like olive-oil? 

Alexander Nader
Vienna, Austria

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