RE: A plea... re: out of office auto replies

From:"TRAJKOVIC, DUSKO [R&D/1825]"

I am probably one of the guilty parties. I should know better, but neglected
to unsubscribe, before embarking a much needed vacation. My apologies to
everyone on the histonet.
Dusko Trajkovic

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From: Aidan Schurr []
Sent: Monday, September 24, 2001 4:28 PM
Subject: A plea... re: out of office autoreplies

Hi all,

If we are going away for a few days, and are setting up an "out of office
autoreply", can we Please Please (and I say again) PLEASE unsubscribe from
the Histonet.  I have just recieved 14 of these autoreplies in the last
30-odd minutes since my last post (and doubtless I'll get the same again
from this!)

Thanks for your consideration!



aidan schurr
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hutt valley district health board
lower hutt
new zealand
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