From:Bruce Abaloz

Hi All,
A student here @ The Howard Florey Institute, asked me to post this 
problem on the Histonet to see if anyone can advise her. Cheers & 
Thanks in advance,
Bruce ib OZ!! 

"I've been having problems with my In Situ Hybridisation work and I 
was hoping you might be able to shed some light on it.

I developed my Biomax film and found the it was almost all black. 
After some process of elimination, the research fellow teaching me 
the technique, believes it might be due to the silane treated slides.

Would you know if over-treating slides with silane (2% silane in 
acetone for 10 mins) can affect results?

Cheers, Irna Grace T. Reytomas
PhD Student
Howard Florey Institute
of Experimental Physiology and Medicine,
The University of Melbourne,
Victoria      3010

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