Interesting Email message, watch your language folks!

From:Gayle Callis

Dear Histonetters,

Has anyone else received this message after sending a message to Histonet,
which obviously goes to a "system attendant" at this general UK email
address.  If so, watch what you say, or you will probably get this terse
reminder you have used some type of dirty word!  After rereading my message
on mouse intestine cryosection problems, I typed a common name for mouse
fecal matter, starting with the letter p.  You can take it from there.
Hmmm somehow I never thought this was a "dirty word", but a slang term for
feces. I wonder what other words they are banning, so in future will use
only to scientific terminology.  

Who knows, I may get another message for referring to fecal matter/feces in
this message, and these ARE scientific terms for common sewage waste
contents worldwide!    

Somewhat bemused and in cyberspace quarantine!  


ScanMail Message: To Sender, sensitive content found and action t
aken.>From: System Attendant 
>To: "'Gayle Callis'" 
>Subject: ScanMail Message: To Sender, sensitive content found and action t
>Date: Sat, 6 Oct 2001 01:31:56 +0100
>X-Mailer: Internet Mail Service (5.5.2653.19)
>Trend SMEX Content Filter has detected sensitive content.
>Place = Tamara Howard;; ; 
>Sender = Gayle Callis
>Subject = Mouse intestine cryosection problem
>Delivery Time = October 06, 2001 (Saturday) 01:31:54
>Policy = Dirty Words
>Action on this mail = Quarantine message
>Warning message from administrator:
>Sender, A sensitive incoming e-mail from you has been detected and forwarded
>to the Administrators mailbox.
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