IHC-cheap (relatively)


I have used the Shandon Sequenza trays/holders for years....use to have the
whole thing and the Cadenza, but it is not necessary if you are just
getting started. Just the coverplates and the trays are needed. I reuse my
coverplates because they are expensive even tho it is not recommended.We
handle them with the greatest of care. The tech time and reagents that you
save more than makes up for the initial cost.I have screened monoclonals
with only 80ul of sample on whole mouse embryo sections. The fact that
gravity works with you not against you (solutions flow by displacement not
capillary action) is a benefit to cleaning up the background. And I am not
sure I understand the theory behind the whys, but I have some antibodies
that I use to use at 1:50 that I can use 1:300 if I use the coverplates.
Please feel free to contact me for more specifics or ask your
Thermo-Shandon rep to give you some info. The system is great for small use
facilities with limited funds. Anita

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