Help-- I have ugly tissue slides!

From:Rachel Munshower

Hello all!
   I wonder if anybody knows why my kidney and spleen (but especially
kidney) slides sometimes look crackily and not good for presentations, pubs
etc?  I've noticed this on H&E's and PASH's -- the problem is sometimes
throughout the sections, and sometimes localized at the edges of cysts
within the organs or at the edge or capsule of the kidney.  We perfusion
fix with 4% paraformaldehyde and let it sit at least overnight in fix, then
trim tissue and put it into cassettes, rinse in saline and hold iin 70%
ethanol.  I've heard that allowing the cassettes to sit overnight is a good
thing, and then I've heard that that could be why my tissue looks bad.
FInally, we process on an 8 hour schedule, embed and cut.  Any ideas would
be happily considered and greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

Rachel Munshower
IU School of Medicine
Dept. of Anatomy and Cell Biology
635 Barnhill Dr. MedSci 5065
Indy, IN  46202

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