From:Carol Ann Bobrowitz

The antibodies are Receptors for TGF beta II 1:500 and TGF beta III
1:100 on rat tissue.
Detection HRP with DAB.
I have it working quite well with overnight room temperature
incubation.  (very clean, no background)
My hunch was right, all the responses were leaning towards 37C.
Now I'm thinking time should be cut.
Maybe 1 to 2 hour?

These glitches are not in my control!  I'm getting ticked.  I'm venting.

Since typing the above there have been changes, problems and

The primary will be Receptor TGF beta II 1:100.
I'm doing at 37C.
It will be on 1 hour in the next five minutes.
Question 1 hour incubation or 1 1/2 hour incubation?


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