DPX recipe

From:Tracey Gunn

John Kiernan wrote:

"Please do everyone in the world a huge service, and tell all of us exactly
what you put in your DPX and the sources of the ingredients."

Here is my recipe:

Distrene 80, or equivalent - 280 g
Xylene - 600 ml
Dibutyl phthalate - 100 ml
Butylated hydroxytoluene - 7 g

Even though Terry Marshall thought that Roy Ellis' Bancroft recipe and the
Lendrum recipe he quoted were quite different in composition, a review of
the calculations by me saw them to be only slightly different in the volume
of xylene!

This recipe of mine is also along the same lines composition-wise, with
slightly more plastic.  We add a small amount of butylated hydroxytoluene
to eliminate further fading.

All of the ingredients are added together, but they will take about two
weeks to dissolve properly, so it needs to be made up well before it is

Hope this is helpful for someone wanting to reduce laboratory costs!

Tracey Gunn.

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