From:Ayesha Joshi

Hi! There....
I want to stain rat germ cells with 'Periodic Acid Schiff's staining" or
PAS Staining method. The cells are in smears on a polylysine caoted slide.
Could anybody out there send me a protocol? All hepl recieved would be
most helpfull.
Also, is there anybody who does Immunohistochemistry(IHC) with rat testis
sections? If yes then please could you send me a basic protocol? I have
tried doing IHC with many antibodies so far but even though the normal IgG
control does not give DAB reaction, there is no specific staining in case
of the specific IgG. Can it be concluded that the antibodies are not good
for IHC? They are commercial antibodies and according to the catalogue,
can be used for IHC. Please help!!


  AYESHA JOSHI                               
  Graduate Student                              
  Indian Institute of Science

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