tissue processing troubles



I hope someone can help us.  We are having a sporadic problem with our fish
tissues coming out of the LX300 Fisher processor.  Sometimes they come out
like very well-cooked bacon other times they are fine.  The samples are
whole rainbow trout fry about 1" long preserved in 10%NBF which have been
transferred to 70% EtOH.  The process is 1hr in : 85%, 95%, 95%, 100%, 100%
EtOH; then 1hr in: histoclear, histoclear, paraffin, paraffin, paraffin.
Paraffin at 58C.  No vacuum.  The printout shows nothing out of the
ordinary during the processing job.

Any ideas about what we are doing wrong would be helpful, or even how to
begin trouble shooting it.

Many thanks,

Diana Papoulias
Fisheries Biologist, Research
US Geological Survey
Columbia Environmental Research Center
4200 New Haven Rd.
Columbia, Missouri  65201

voice mail: 573-876-1902
e-mail: Diana_Papoulias@usgs.gov
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