nonslip flooring

From:Wayne D H <>

My apologies for bringing up a topic which has been covered several times in the past. I have printed out several peoples comments on  nonslip flooring, eg Armstrong "Crosswalk" but couldn't find the pages when the boss asked for them today ( I gave them to her and she lost them???,  whatever). Could a couple of people who have Crosswalk or another brand in your lab comment please so I can show her something. She is in favor and supportive but needs something to take to administration and planning.
I'm getting a new Histo lab, complete with a properly ventilated room for grossing and the tissue processor. The area currently has regular lino on the floor, the same as I currently have and it is slippery.

Wayne Hohn
Kootenay Lake Regional Hospital  
Nelson, B.C.

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