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Hi HistoNetters!

Trisha Emry asked some basic questions about purchasing a microwave oven
for processing:
"My boss just asked me to put together a wish list for our next grant
applications.  I would like to know if processing with a microwave oven is
now the preferred way to do things.  Does it have to be in a hood or can
it be vented into a hood?  Can you suggest the type of microwave...what
gadgets..timers etc. that are good features to get on it?"

First, any microwave which is going to be used with flammable solvents
should be vented.  Laboratory microwaves with built-in ventilation systems
are usually designed to be vented into a fume hood or laboratory
ventilation system, not for the entire microwave to be placed into the fume

Different laboratory microwaves work in slightly different ways, but, if I
were shopping, I would look at features which produce consistent,
reproducible results-  accurate measurement of time and temperature.
Beyond that, I would look for ease of use, and the ability of the company
to support the product.

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Steven Slap
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