buffer preservation methods

From:Victoria Baker <vbaker60@yahoo.com>

<P>Hi Luis,</P> <P>Not sure this will help, but given that you have the same problem I have had in the past I can only tell you what I did and now haven't had any "visitors" to my storage containers.</P> <P>1.  I autoclave any of my carbouys after each use (DI water, some of my buffers and my retrieval one).  Dry cycle 20 minutes.  Bleach prior if it has been longer than a week since the last refill.</P> <P>2.  I switched to concentrated retrieval solutions commercially purchased.  The change in cost was really very little when all was said and done actually.  The most expensive one I have is the Target retrieval from Dako and since I don't use it routinely, it hasn't made a big impact in my budget.  As to the sodium azide issue, my feeling is if you can avoid it, then do so.</P> <P>3.  I do refrigerate my retrieval solutions.  I was lucky enough to find a spot in a huge walk in refrigerator and my boss did battle for me to keep it and got me a shelf as well.  I don't really think that the refrigeration is all that critical if you use it as much as you do, but it won't hurt.</P> <P>I honestly believe the autoclaving is what finally got the buggers to go bye-bye and the use of commercial products.  In a pinch I've done the mix and still no critters though.    </P> <P>I don't think you are being lazy, just busy and no one wants to stop to make up stuff in the middle of a run or at a hairy point in the day.  As a rule I set up the next days run the night before, but I've had days where that just isn't possible and it's a scramble the next morning.  When you're a "one-man" show it isn't possible to be lazy and still get good results so don't be so hard on yourself.</P> <P>Vikki </P><p><br><hr size=1><b>Do You Yahoo!?</b><br> <a href="http://im.yahoo.com/">Yahoo! Messenger</a> - Talk while you surf! It's FREE.
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