Tranfering sections using Krystalon or Mount Quick

From:Kappeler Andreas <>

Dear Histonetters

I'm stuck with sections from Bombay that have been mounted on what looks
like window glass and should get them to charged slides so that they will
survive HIER and subsequent immunohistochemistry. Thanks to the archives I
found a protocol for the transfer of sections from slide to slide (thanks
Cheryl George, Dan Botsford, Amos Brooks!). These protocols use liquid
coverslip like Krystalon (EM Diagnostic Systems, Gibbstown, NH) or Mount
Quick (Newcomer Supply, Middleton WI). Unfortunately I was unable to find
European distributors for these reagents (and not really enthusiastic about
paying $ 50 transatlantic delivery charges for a $ 10 item). Does anyone
know who sells Krystalon or Mount Quick over here in Europe? Anybody with
experience with other, more commonly available mounting media that might do
the section tranfer job? Many thanks for your suggestions!

Andi Kappeler
Institute of Pathology, University of Bern, Switzerland

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