Seeking Histotechs for Emergency Per Diem Work in Boston, MA

Seeking Histotechs for Emergency Per Diem Work in Boston, MA

Dear HistoNet colleagues,

     I supervise a histology lab at a large animal hospital in Boston, 
Massachusetts.  We have a total of two histotechs here, including myself.  We 
have a great need for a list of qualified histotechnicians to call in an 
emergency should some calamity befall both of us simultaneously.

     I need to find some histology technicians who might be able to help us 
out at about 6 AM, with short notice.  Because I realize that there are 
people who may be able to do this on some occasions, but not on others, I am 
hoping to have a list of several willing people to increase the chances of 
successfully finding coverage.  Perhaps there are some local histotechs who 
are retired, do occasional histology work, or who are in a position to take 
an impromptu vacation day who would be interested.

     The lab is located in the Jamaica Plain area of Boston at 350 South 
Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA 02130.  We have about 80 samples per day and 
would need a technician to take the samples out of the processor at about 
6:15 AM, embed and section the samples, stain the slides in the automated H&E 
stainer, and coverslip and label the slides.  All of our machines are easy to 
operate and our lab procedures are simple and are all carefully written out.

     For anyone who rescues us in a personnel emergency, we would pay him or 
her $30/hour for their histology help.  If you are interested, have any 
questions, or know anyone who might be interested, please contact me at:

     Thank you so much for your help!

Best regards,

Kimberly Atkin HT (ASCP)

Histology Lab Supervisor
Angell Memorial Animal Hospital
350 South Huntington Avenue
Boston, MA 02130

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