Recruiting Authors for the ASCP Tech Sample

From:Christa Hladik <>

Once again I'm looking for authors to write for the Histotechnology section of the ASCP Tech Sample.  
Thanks for such a wonderful response the first time.

I have specific topics in mind for the next series.
1.  Titration of antibodies, for the beginner
2.  Proper use of the pH meter
3. Chemical safety
4.  How to perform a Necropsy
5.  The application of CK20 and CK7 antibodies for diagnosis
6. Preparation of Cytology specimens

If any of these topics are your specialty and you would like to share your knowledge in a continuing education series.  Please contact me at 
The deadline for submission of the paper is March 2001.
You will receive $100.00 upon the completion of a peer review and publication.  I will be happy to answer any questions or send you examples.

Thanks in advance,

Christa Hladik, HT(ASCP)QIHC
Chief Histology Tech
Immunohistochemistry Laboratory 
UTSouthwestern Medical Center
Dallas, TX

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