Re: tissue shrinkage

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This book has been out of print for years, but you can get it via
interlibrary loan with your university library, interesting where it comes
from, University of Alaska

At 08:30 AM 11/2/00 +0000, you wrote:
>Dear Nancy,
>I suggest you try to get hold of the following book:
>Preparation of decalcified sections.  EB Brain.  1966. Publ. Charles 
>C Thomas.
>This was before ISBN numbers - Library of Congress Catalogue 
>Card no. 66-16783.
>Details are gived of shrinkages using differant dehydrants and 
>clearing agents.  I don't know what's in the quantitation literature, 
>but this is as good as anything in LM histology.
>If you are stuck, let me have a fax number (or post if you're not in a 
>Russ Allison, 
>Dental School
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