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I would look at the cassette and slide labelers sold by TBS and a few other vendors, using a PC  or your LIS you can run a large batch of sequential or single numbers at  one time as well as put  names &/or lab on the slide
Mike Rice
Broward General Medical Center
Ft Lauderdale

>>> Teri Johnson <> 11/01/00 01:36PM >>>
We use the Surgipath cassette and slide labeling system.  The cassettes can
only be done one at a time, and until familiar with its use, one will
discard some cassettes if they forget to enter in the next block
designation.  It would be nice to see if there could be some improvements
electronically to allow for incremental changes without having to delete or
overstrike characters.  Also, if the ink is not dark enough, it will lighten
up after going through the processor.  This could make some numbers,
particularly 6, 8, and 0 difficult to discern.  The slide labeler, so far,
has worked well though we can only use it in a limited capacity.

-Teri Johnson
Supervisor, Histology
Physicians Reference Laboratory
Overland Park, KS

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> Good Morning Histonet,
> I am looking for input on the Surgipath cassette and slide labeling
> We are looking at buying the systems and would like ANY input on them.
> Thanks in advance for your help, again.
> Taffy Hooser
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