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In response to the following comment by Jim Darley:

Below message would not be, by chance from Steven E Slap, President of Energy 
Beam Science and a purveyor of laboratory microwave ovens. Unless you have a 
very rare namesake: were was your disclaimer and why did you use a private 
email address.
Jim Darley

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Dear Jim;

Not to get in the middle of what seems a bit petty to begin with, but Steven 
Slap is not longer with EBS, and would he be, he certainly would have 
followed correct protocol. If nothing else, Steven has always been correct 
and continues to be so. As for his input, even if he were with EBS, I think 
it's sound, objective advise and favors no product in particular as far as I 
can see.

So that's my 2 cents worth.

All the best,

Elfi Hacker
Hacker Instruments & Industries Inc

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