Re: chromotrope 2R for eosinophil granules

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<underline>The meyhod for Carbol chromotrope 2R stain is in "Manual of 
Histiological Techniques and their Diagnostic Application by 
Bancoft & Cook.

For those who can't get their hands on a copy of the book the 
method is as follows.

Carbol Chromotrope 2R

<bold>Staining Solution</bold>

</underline>Melt 1g of phenol in a flask under hot water, add 0.5g chromotrope 
2R. Mix, dissolve resultant sludge in 100mL distilled water and 
filter. The solution keeps for up to 3 months.


1.Bring sections to water

2.Stain nuclei with an alum haematoxylin, differentiate and blue

3.Stain in Carbol Chromotrope solution for 30mins ( or longer if 

4.Wash, dehydrate, clear and mount


Nuclei 						blue

Eosinophol granules		red

Red blood cells			pale red

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