Re: Vibratome

From:Roger Moretz <>


Try Ted Pella at, SPI at
or EM Sciences at  Ooops!  Forgot
Steve Slap at Energy Beam Sciences at  I have the unit sold as the
vibratome (there is a similar unit sold under another
trade name--they all do about the same thing the same
way).  If you can, get one with the Peltier cooled
recirculator--avoids having to use lots of ice (and
dilute the working buffer in the bath), but it
requires a fairly high pressure (altho' low flow)
water chiller.  I know there are many who use these
beasts (check out the archives!!!).

Hope these help.

Roger Moretz, Ph.D.
Dept of Toxicology
Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Disclaimer:  I have no particular interest in any unit
or supplier.  Just a long time user.

--- Emma Carter <>
> We are interested in buying a vibratome, but i dont
> know where to
> start...
> Can anyone suggest any companies who they have had
> dealings with and
> roughly how much one might cost....
> Company contacts might be helpful if you have them.
> Thanks in advance!
> emma carter
> Oxford BioMedica (UK) Ltd

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