Re:Varistain 24-4

From:Buttigieg Carmen at MOH <>


We have had this model for over three years. It is not bad but there are some
shortcomings when compared to linear stainers.From our experience, you should
ideally load only one rack at a time. Another drawback is the length of time it
takes to raise, turn and lower from one bath to the next. This gave us trouble
when we had to differentiate after the Hx. Now we changed to a progressive Hx.
Otherwise if the reagents are good and the machine is kept clean, you shouldn't
have trouble.

Good luck


George, Cheryl  (25/10/00  13:56):
>Hi out there in histoland,
>Does anyone own this automatic stainer from Shandon and what's been your
>experience with maintenance/reliability?
>Cheryl George, HT (ASCP)
>Anatomic Pathology Supervisor

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