Re: Testing for Beryllium

Robert Lott, HTL(ASCP), Baptist Health System, Birmingham, Alabama asks: 

>>Does anyone know who does mass spectometry.... or spectrometric photo 
analysis.... or any qual/quant testing for [beryllium] in tissues? The 
differential [diagnosis] in this case is sarcoid vs. chronic berylliosis?<<

There is a great deal of expertise in berylliosis at Oak Ridge National 
Laboratory, and they are quite helpful. I had a patient with this diagnostic 
problem three years ago, and have not updated this information - it's Friday 
evening, and I can't update it now - but I suspect these contacts will be 

Dr. Donna Cragle, an epidemiologist at ORAU (Oak Ridge Associated 
Universities), 865-576-3115. Her appointments clerk is Deborah Ringley, 
865-576-3361. Their pathology consultant at AFIP is Bill Travis.

Lymphocyte Proliferation Test
Green top tube - lymphocytes are cultured and tritiated thymidine uptake 
measured in the presence of various concentrations of beryllium.

A diagnosis of beryllium disease requires:
1. a history of exposure to beryllium
2. tissue diagnosis of granulomatous disease
3. positive lymphocyte proliferation test

Bob Richmond
Samurai Pathologist
Knoxville TN

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