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But not as much in the freezing (unless you fail to wash out the phosphate
salts) as in the sectioning and in getting the section to stay on the slide.
The sectioning problem tends to be excessive microchatter or "shredding."
This is counteracted by soaking in a 10-20% sucrose (sugar) solution for
several hours to overnight. We use a technique I have not frequently seen in
that we infiltrate the tissue with OCT under vacuum. Wash the tissue well
before using either of these techniques. I also recommend good old gelatin
or elmers glue coated slides as most other adhesives tend to be less than


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> Hi!
> I need to get frozen sections from liver sections which have been
> stored in 10% NBF for some time now.  Will I run into any problems
> freezing the livers at this stage?  Any tips on Oil Red O with the
> pre-fixed frozen sections will be appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Linda
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