Re: Linistain Stainer

From:Ford Royer <>

Contact Shandon Customer Services.  I was able to get a complete manual and
they were VERY helpful with my technical questions.  Sorry, I'm not at my work
computer and do not have their 800 number).

Ford Royer
Analytical Instruments

Amy Self wrote:

>         Is there anyone out there that has the Linistain Stainer from
> Shandon?  We purchased one used from a cyto lab, not very long ago and the
> manual is no-where to be found.  Of course our CAP inspection is Thursday
> and I was wondering if anyone had any info that they would be willing to
> share with me about this instrument.  As of right now I have nothing in
> place for this machine. I am gonna try in come up with some kind of
> procedure but don't know where to begin. Any info. would be appreciated.
> Thanks for everything that everyone out there does.
>                                         Thanks,
>                                         Amy

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