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Dear Peggy and team,
certainly there are advocates past and present that maintain that there is
no difference acc. to order in formulation, eg. Prof. R.D.Lillie., and in
the main they are correct.Those who argue the case claim that esp. for
mixtures containing Glycerol any over-oxidation is compensated for - for
most Glycerol formulations this is also my experience, except for Ehrlich's,
in which if you carry out artifical oxidation, you must add the Iodate and
mix well before you mix in the glycerol- because oxidation- even chemical is
inhibited by the extremely high content of approx. 30%. For those
formulations requiring boiling, then the most critical step is the rapid
cooling of the solution- not without it's own inherent dangers- not to
mention the risk of frothing and boiling over when HgO is added to bioling
Harris (my preference is to add just before coming to the boil to avoid
Mike Rentsch (Downunder)
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Date: Monday, 16 October 2000 9:53

>Does it matter what order the reagents are added together to
>make an aluminum salt-sodium iodate hematoxylin, such as
>I always add them in the same order, with lots of stirring
>between reagents. Got wondering if it would make a difference
>if they were added in a different order. Since we're making
>hematoxylin into hematein, and making hematein into
>aluminum-hematein, it seems like it should make a difference.
>(This is for my School. I still have the students make Mayer
>hematoxylin. It helps them to learn what's in their
>hematoxylin, and hopefully helps them learn to
>Peggy A. Wenk, HTL(ASCP)
>William Beaumont Hospital
>Royal Oak, MI 48073

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