Re: Formalin substitutes.... (again!)

From:Pam Gutierrez <>

 We have been using Histochoice for years in our processors and are extremely
pleased. We once tried to discontinue the use of formalin altogether but were
displeased with the appearance of the gross tissue (grey and necrotic looking)
and found that small biopsies, gastric as well as gynecologic specimens were not
adequate for microscopic evaluation.  We returned to using formalin for specimen
collection and initial fixation.  The secondary fixation with Histochoice in the
processing stage (we add 1 gal. of reagent alc. to 4 gal of prepared
Histochoice) has proven to be fast acting and less hazardous to the techs
changing the reagents on the processor.  Our H&E's as well as special stains and
immuno's are beautiful.
"Tom T. McNemar" wrote:

> Is anyone using Histochoice?  How about Excel?  If you are, have you had any
> problems with IHC, receptors, or flow?  Thanks in advance.
> Tom Mc Nemar, HT(ASCP)
> Pathology Supervisor
> Licking Memorial Hospital
> Newark, Ohio

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