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Hi Gayle:  Just want to add that Chris has also written a very good
practical guide called Immunoenzymatic Double staining Methods published
by DAKO.  I'm not sure if it's available here in the states yet.  Maybe
someone from DAKO can answer that.  I've worked with Chris in the past
and I can vouch that he is very good with double and triple staining
techniques as well as a good friend.  We plan to see him and family in
Amsterdam around Christmas this year.  Regards, Tom

Gayle Callis wrote:
> for those setting up or doing double immunostaining:
> This review publication provided more answers to double immunostaining that
> anything I have read to date and highly recommend it as a good read plus
> practical protocol setup.
> van der Loos DM et al, Practical suggestions for successful immunoenzyme
> double staining experiments, Histochem J 25:1-13, 1993
> The author also has an excellent article in Oct 2000 J Histochem Cytochem
> using DAKO ARK kit for double staining on human tissue samples.   Check out
> the website
> Have a good weekend ---
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