Re: Cedar wood oil and Carnoy's

From:"L. Gibbs" <>

Hi Rebecca-

You can use Xylene to clear Carnoy's fixed tissue. You could try
three changes of 100% ETOH (1 hour each) followed by 2 hours in
Xylene. You may be able to use the limonene-based clearants in
order to avoid brittle specimens.

I don't often use Carnoy's but I do often process for
Just in case you could use a schedule for Methacarn's:

mMethacarn's fixation 3-24 hours, MeOH x 3(1 hour each), Methyl
Benzoate 1 hour, Xylene x 2 (45 minutes each), Paraffin x 2 (1
hour each).

Good luck!

Lorraine Gibbs 
Physiology & Biophysics
University of Washington

On Fri, 20 Oct 2000, Rebecca S Smith wrote:

> We are doing a research project for mast cells.  Of course all the readings 
> that the researching scientist has read say that Carnoy's fixation is the 
> "BEST" way for preserving the mast cell for later 
> demonstration.  Soooooooo, I've conceded to this idea.  OK, we'll use 
> Carnoy's.  Now we get to the readings on processing tissues following 
> Carnoy's fixation and we get all these spotty directions on the use of 
> Cedar Wood Oil. (Slimy, Sticky, Gooey STUFF).  OK, we'll use Cedar Wood 
> Oil.  What a mess!  As before mentioned, spotty directions.  Some 
> references have mentioned using "thin Cedar Wood Oil".  No mention of how 
> thin, no mention of what to thin it with.  The processing following Cedar 
> Wood Oil is not really clear.
> ANYWAY!  My real question for you Histo Gurus out there is 
> this:  Why?  What is the purpose?  Did someone get this crazy idea because 
> they had some Cedar Wood Oil in the back closet (for use on the family 
> heirloom) and it worked and now it's gospel on how to do this Carnoy's 
> processing?  I've read some references that just mention using "thin cedar 
> wood oil" for storage of wet tissues and not using it if you're processing 
> right away!
> If someone can save me from using this stuff, by giving me real referenced 
> reasoning for not using it, I will forever be in your debt!  Do you like 
> Cookies?  Chocolate Chip?  Peanut Butter?  HELP!!!

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